Public Zone Wars..

Publisert 29. sep.. 2019
Ganger 2 207 703
1 752

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Intro Song:
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FaZe Sway
  • ELCR_Marcos 83

    ELCR_Marcos 83

    6 timer siden

    You are the best consolé player

  • Kaynnz


    7 timer siden

    Swaay Stop!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Dominic Collins

    Dominic Collins

    8 timer siden


  • Asha Zlao

    Asha Zlao

    9 timer siden

    Bro u actually kinda lost

  • Solo Squad

    Solo Squad

    9 timer siden

    I love your clip fornite too much

  • Brock Williams

    Brock Williams

    11 timer siden

    9:20 you're aim assist*

  • Brock Williams

    Brock Williams

    11 timer siden

    Sway has to play in different zone wars every time because people leave too soon.

  • Flaviu Vlad

    Flaviu Vlad

    13 timer siden

    how to make red crosshair, when is on enemy ?



    Dag siden

    Player in creative

  • Adryel De souza

    Adryel De souza

    Dag siden

    CODE MAP?????

  • ElSilveira :v

    ElSilveira :v

    Dag siden

    Sway Like:
    Ninja comment;

  • Dollkis


    Dag siden

    Fake you spamer

  • Drippyozzy


    2 dager siden

    What’s the map code ?

  • Kevin Tran

    Kevin Tran

    6 dager siden


  • VIT0 GAM3R

    VIT0 GAM3R

    6 dager siden


  • Fierce 321

    Fierce 321

    6 dager siden

    في عربي



    7 dager siden

    Guys got to the Lalala video on his channel and compare the intro

  • F4x


    10 dager siden

    Ninja compete to sway ninja is a bot

  • malachi_the_gamer668 yt

    malachi_the_gamer668 yt

    12 dager siden

    These people must not no he's faze sway like no this is a bot lobby I'm like kid 😑😐 that's faze sway

  • Steve Steve

    Steve Steve

    13 dager siden

    Fortnite or Minecraft.
    ❤I like both❤

  • Joel Sisya

    Joel Sisya

    14 dager siden

    I heard her say everyone’s so bad even though she’s bad if it was her it sounded like her so

  • Joel Sisya

    Joel Sisya

    14 dager siden

    Demi your worse can’t chat

  • nur nick

    nur nick

    15 dager siden

    Hold old are you Faze sway

  • AzGriffon


    18 dager siden

    Look my youtube canal , my video I create new zone wars very good (Artic Zone Wars ) .

  • Mike Playz

    Mike Playz

    18 dager siden

    Sup guys I hope y’all don’t mind checking me out 😀👍🏻

  • StaticBurn


    20 dager siden

    your actually big boy nuts like i can make a paragraph about you. You are the best person i know you inspire me to do better with fortnite one day. You inspire me to be able to play claw and switch to pc from xbox controller pc you are the best please likethis comment and give me a shoutout :)
    ;:) :) :000

  • Nagip Dalifi

    Nagip Dalifi

    22 dager siden

    Best song man

  • Minh Florian

    Minh Florian

    23 dager siden

    Anne Youtuber Fan

  • Panda Team Leader

    Panda Team Leader

    24 dager siden

    Hi a god tho

  • Daved 95

    Daved 95

    25 dager siden

    Yo te copie tu configuración y me siento más pro

  • Entity


    25 dager siden


  • LickFN


    26 dager siden

    what the code for this map

  • Kitty Katty

    Kitty Katty

    27 dager siden


  • Marin Hošteter Šajnović

    Marin Hošteter Šajnović

    27 dager siden

    god intro

  • Daniel Yeo

    Daniel Yeo

    27 dager siden

    The only way to kill Sway in zone wars is to get a lucky sniper headshot when he is distracted.

  • MichiMicha 10

    MichiMicha 10

    28 dager siden

    This intro bro....

  • PauzuCrack 72

    PauzuCrack 72

    28 dager siden

    parecen bots

  • Blue Face

    Blue Face

    29 dager siden

    Pc players:it’s all aim assist

  • fadeh dahmane

    fadeh dahmane

    29 dager siden

    Yoo french you tout monster

  • Pedro Mercado

    Pedro Mercado

    29 dager siden

    Sway add me I want to 1v1 you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Josh Stoyer

    Josh Stoyer

    29 dager siden

    Imagine flexing killing a whole bot lobby and posting a video about it acting like ur a god

  • Eyyüp oynarsa

    Eyyüp oynarsa

    29 dager siden

    She raged so cute omg ❤️😍😍

  • SimplyStimulating


    Måned siden

    Yeehaw doggy

  • ItsArSa


    Måned siden

    Sway vs Bugha

  • Slizz


    Måned siden

    1:20 you fu... realises its sway
    you fun playing with dude

  • Ja H

    Ja H

    Måned siden

    Damn, when you watch this coming from chapter 2 it looks so smooth and responsive compared to chapter 2

  • Aligomnam_pro 00

    Aligomnam_pro 00

    Måned siden

    What name song in intro ???

  • Gemma fitzgerald

    Gemma fitzgerald

    Måned siden

    Bro why are you so cracked

  • Wowbro07 Yt

    Wowbro07 Yt

    Måned siden

    You should do random squads

  • Brayden Eats Spring Rolls

    Brayden Eats Spring Rolls

    Måned siden

    Ok guess we doing just fine
    Continue on

  • Ericzoona _

    Ericzoona _

    Måned siden

    why are there only like Bots in the Zonewars Lobbys

  • Ashraf Taha

    Ashraf Taha

    Måned siden

    What’s that song called

  • Alejandro Marín Camacho

    Alejandro Marín Camacho

    Måned siden

    Is boy

  • ilsqi


    Måned siden

    1minute and 10 seconds it’s nasty

  • BigGucciSheeboひ


    Måned siden

    pc players are shit lmao

  • GodSlayerJoe -_-

    GodSlayerJoe -_-

    Måned siden

    Ooh someone got busted from hacking



    Måned siden

    follow me please

  • XRollX


    Måned siden

    0:00 song name PLS!!!!!

  • Ammar Saeed

    Ammar Saeed

    Måned siden

    I love you

  • GG BRO

    GG BRO

    Måned siden